"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,
neither height nor depth, nor anything else in creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
[Romans 8:38-39]

I am a daughter dedicated to one Father who, in the ultimate sign of love,
gave His Son up on a cross so that you and I could be free.
Free from the price to pay for our imperfection, free to love Him and serve Him.

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Hey, I'm an architecture student! Check out some of my favourite things here: Deconstructing Architecture

Chocolate and movie therapy #weekend #indulgence #love

Chocolate and movie therapy #weekend #indulgence #love

You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word “sorry.”
— Unknown (via belowjob)

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I screamed into the void, hoping to be the only one who heard; I tore at my falsehood, hoping I was the only one who saw my nakedness; I dumped all my doubts and worries before the emptiness, because I was afraid. Yet, You saw it all, knowing my shame and seeing my pain, You saw it all as I thought I had faced the vast emptiness of the eternal void. You bent down to where I was, and You uttered no word, but instead held me in Your arms and heard my weeping prayers, and in that moment, I understood what grace truly was.

Grace is the collecting of my shame, and making me clean, it’s seeing my sins, and loving me all the same, but never leaving me to wander the hopeless void alone. Grace is not a feeling, just as hope is not a little thought that flutters from my mind, it is Jesus Christ.

— T.B. LaBerge // Jesus Understands The Void (via tblaberge)

Would you stay and talk to me? Just until this storm has passed, because your voice soothes the waves that have been crashing against my soul, and I’m so tired.

Be here with me, and let’s talk of love, hope, peace, and the joys of tomorrow; it’s so dark and the world is so hurt, but if we talk for a little while, maybe we can bring a little light to where we are.

So, stay with me, and let’s talk until the pounding has stopped, and the world is silent and still again.

— T.B. LaBerge // Let’s Talk (via tblaberge)

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You must not reduce yourself to a puddle just because the person you like is afraid to swim and you are a fierce sea to them; because there will be someone who was born with love of the waves within their blood, and they will look at you with fear and respect.
— T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m Still Learning at 25 (via tblaberge)

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Until we get to the point where God is the only need in our lives, we will continue to search and struggle to fulfill the realities of a life lived for Christ.
— Reminder to self. (via churchjanitor)

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I meet Christians who are super-glossy, picture-perfect, law-abiding people, but they are absolutely miserable and difficult to be near. Their every movement is dictated by a strict rigid ruleset that is motivated by a desperate fear. If your efforts are not driven by grace — that God absolutely loves you no matter what — then you will punish yourself towards an invisible standard that looks like success but feels like slavery. Such a standard might work for a little while to conform your behavior, but it will never become a part of you: it’s just an apparatus that imprisons you. Only grace can truly be internalized to melt your heart, and though it can take longer, a truly tenderized heart follows God with all joy and perseverance. This is motivation by grace and grace alone.
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I looked across the expanse of my shame, the ocean of disobedience; Christ took my hands and said “This is not for you to see, look to Me.” and I did, and I was made new.
— T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

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I remember Christian teachers telling me long ago that I must hate a bad man’s actions but not hate the bad man: or, as they would say, hate the sin but not the sinner. …I used to think this a silly, straw-splitting distinction: how could you hate what a man did and not hate the man? But years later it occurred to me that there was one man to whom I had been doing this all my life — namely myself. However much I might dislike my own cowardice or conceit or greed, I went on loving myself. There had never been the slightest difficulty about it. In fact the very reason why I hated the things was that I loved the man. Just because I loved myself, I was sorry to find that I was the sort of man who did those things.
— C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity  (via ohhhmysoul)

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